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Etiquette & Grammar


When titles are used, the husband’s title always comes first:
Doctor and Mrs. Lawrence A. Finley
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Finley

Without title, the wife’s name should come first:
Katy and Jim Richards

With children’s names added
The father’s name should come first, then the wife’s name, followed by the children’s names listed according to age (oldest first):
The Jones Family
Mike, Julie, Jack and Lauren Jones

Widow or Married Woman:
Mrs. Kevin Young or Caroline Young
(Never use “Mrs. Caroline Young” unless she is divorced)

Use of Plurals:
When names end in “s”, “x”, “z”, “ch”, and “sh”, add “es”
Adams = Adamses
Henrix = Hendrixes
Menendez = Menendezes
Gingrich = Gingriches
Walsh = Walshes

When names end in “o” or “y”
add “s”
Garbo = Garbos
Henry = Henrys

Only use an apostrophe to show ownership, never to form a plural:
Happy Holidays from The Reeds is proper (not the Reed’s)
Come to the Reeds’ beach house (not the Reed’s)
Meet at Becky Reed’s beach house is proper

In many cases, the plural form of a name is not desirable:
The word “Family” may look and sound better
The Jones Family


Monograms and Typestyle

How do I enter my initials for a monogram? A monogram comes with your last name initial larger and your first and middle names smaller. The first initial of your LAST name should be in the MIDDLE. If you name is Jane Brown Smith, your monogram would be jSb.
How do I create a joint monogram with my husband? For monograms, as a general rule, the woman's initial should be listed first. The order would be: Wife First Name; Last Name; Husband First Name. If your name is Jane and Robert Smith, your monogram would be jSr.

Your initials come in all the same size and in the correct order of your name. If your name is Jane Brown Smith, your initials would be JBS.



All typestyles have their own unique characteristics. We have provided links to each Vendors typestyle lists so you have the opportunity to look at the different letters that would appear in your order. Please review these if you have any question at all about them.


Printing Method

Engraving is one of the oldest processes for printing, and it is considered to be the epitome of good taste and elegance. Engraving involves etching the text onto a copper plate. During the printing process, the plate is coated with ink and then compressed onto the paper, creating the printed text in a slightly raised impression and leaving a bruise on the back of the paper. After purchasing an engraved item, the plate will be sent to you with the stationery and it will serve you for a lifetime of fine stationery usage. The process is relatively expensive but well worth the investment.
Thermography is a modern process using ink and a powder resin combined with heat to produce a raised lettering similar in feeling to engraving. Often, thermography is used as a less expensive alternative to engraving on formal invitations, but it is also an appropriate choice for informal invitations and everyday stationery items.
Flat , Matte or Offset Printing In flat, matte or offset printing, the ink appears to lay flat atop the paper. It's less expensive than engraving or thermography, and creates a less formal look. A metal or paper plate is imaged from a black and white image, typically from a laser printer. The plate is treated so that the ink adheres to the image. The plate is then hung on a press, and the image is transferred onto paper.
Embossing Also called blind embossing, this process creates a raised impression on a sheet of paper by pressing the paper between two heated metal dies. One die, fits into the other mirror-image die together like a lock and key. The embossing is termed "blind" because the design is formed without ink or foil.


Invitation Wording

Need help with verse ideas?

Our goal to is to make your entire ordering process easy and pleasurable. If you have any questions about wording or are at a loss for just the right words, simply enter the basic information and in the last line of your invitation text put "paper post please help! " Place your order and we will email you our suggested wording for your approval!